Create a project, pick a template and start a section, a chapter, create dialogues...

Suitable for all types of writers, Colofon provides a full set of modern and easy-to-use features that make formatting, backups, collaboration, work organization and many other writers' tasks way easier.

No download required.

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Don't waste time finding your notes

Start a planner to visualize and keep track of your ideas.

Add a bible to always have info at your fingertips when writing: characters, locations, dates.


A cloud-based app means:

  • your data is safe
  • you can work from any device with one account (you just need a web browser)
  • it's fast and light


Export your project as pdf, txt, html, epub...


Get reports and stats on your work: word count, page count, progress...

Create versions in one click to keep track of your changes.


Make your project public and allow people to follow your production.

Add users and cooperate.


Where is my data?

Your data is encrypted and backed-up constantly. You can retrieve it in the Project’s Settings or save your production to different formats.

What is a Project?

A project includes planners, bibles, pages/chapters/scenes, reports/charts and settings like security and preferences.

How much does it cost?

Details are available on the pricing page. Early adopters have a licence that will last one year after Beta version ends.

What is a bible?

A bible is a reference document used for information on characters, settings, and other elements. You can see it like a wiki, a notebook, a place to keep elements useful to support your writing.