Colofon is a cloud-based writing app built to provide the best tool for writers

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Create a project, pick a template and write pages, chapters, dialogues ...

It's in the cloud!

A cloud-based app means that:
  • your data is safe
  • you just need a web browser to use it
  • it's fast and light ...


Add users to collaborate

Share your work

Make your project public and allow people to read what you're up to

Story Maps

Build story maps to visualize and keep track of your ideas

Story Bible

Add a story bible to always have info at your fingertips when writing: characters, locations, dates

Keep Track

Get reports and stats on your progress. Check your word count, page count, whenever you want


Create different versions in one click, make sure you never lose a draft anymore

What are we up to?


Colofon is a cloud-based app built to provide the best writing experience.
Suitable for all types of writers, it provides a full set of modern and easy to use features that make backups, collaboration, work organization and many other writers' tasks way easier.


If you find a bug or see unusual behaviors, please report it using the question mark button at the bottom right (of the app).

If you want to follow up on the development process, you can go here!